Development ManagerBui Quang Duy

In charge of developing and managing software products for outsourcing companies, which target Japan and US markets.
He has become a part of Septeni Technology since May 2013.
  • What are your daily works ?
    My daily work is planning software development, creating the development environment, managing projects, interviewing engineers, organizing teams and training new members. To improve my team, I often take on new projects and never stop studying and striving.
  • Offshore managers should possess skills in many different areas, shouldn't they ?
    Our work is making high-quality products. To do that, first, we must research and understand requirements completely. Then we instruct technical leaders in projects and let them assign tasks to engineers and monitor the projects. Engineers are human, it's not easy to make them work well together, But I'm very interested in building up a company from scratch. Fortunately, our young engineers are very excellent and reliable. However, we need to try more and more.
  • The bigger the company is, the more responsibility you bear. What do you think about that ?
    We are on our way to become the biggest advertising center in Asia. It's not only the scale problem but also the technological problem. "No one can do everything but everyone can do something", so we need to group them into teams which are highly efficient and let leaders monitor these teams. If we can do that, we will reach the target.
  • Do you have any advice for young people who want to be an excellent engineer ?
    I think you should learn about teamwork. Technical knowledge is very important, but so are teamwork skills. Teamwork means you learn how to work with other people. so it's not just theory but an experience. With that meaning, over time, we are building up Septeni Technology together. If you are interested, let's join us.

Technical LeaderVo Duc Phuong

He worked in engineering, civil engineering, foreign trade. Eventually, he found his passion which is information technology.
  • You have worked for Septeni Technology for only a few months. Do you feel confident when working as a technical leader ?
    I don't care whether I can do my work or not, I just care about what I can do. For people who have a passion for technology, understanding and applying what they like to make high value products for their company is their aim and joy in work. No matter what position I work as, I always challenge myself to handle technology problems and research technology trends in the world. We can do everything if we have boundless enthusiasm and persistence.
  • What do you think about Septeni Technology's strategy ?
    Information technogoly is very hot. New technologies are made everyday and change from day to day. We can see that when looking at startup companies in US. For example, Docker which is very hot today is just a three year old company. Their product is written in Golang which just released 1.0 version. In a competitive environment, Septeni Technology's strategy is "build up a strong, solid technology and be adaptive quickly with technology trends (for example TypeScript, ReactJS etc...). From that point, we improve continously, evaluate and grasp other technology (TypeScript, ReactJS etc...) Be sensitive to technology and "Think global but act local" are our directions.
  • What will you do to reach the above targets ?
    Researching new technologies is suitable for me. Grasping new technologies and the tools which you use is very important to "Try and Fail". In addition, I read many books. Books are not only the cream of the world, but also contain lessons about communication and being a good person. Reading movement in company is very ebullient. We have a book club, so we can read, research and discuss with each other. Together we work and improve continously to achieve our target.

SQANguyen Thi Thu Hang

After graduated from university, she joined the SQA team of a software company, which is specified in software service development (e-commerce, online payment, SIM / phone card services etc...). She joined Septeni Technology in Jan 2013 as manager of SQA team, which is in charge in software quality assurance and Scrum Master.
  • Can you describe about the work of the SQA (Software Quality Assurance) position ?
    This job is testing real operations of the system to ensure quality of project. Besides, I am in charge of Scrum Master role, which ensure Scrum framework is applied correctly. In the beginning, there is only me in SQA team, so I have to study by myself so hard. But it also makes my ideas and suggestions are applied practically in real project. It encourrages me much and makes me more insterested in web service development.
  • To ensure the quality of products, you really need a lot of knowledge and experience. How do you archieve them ?
    I always try to cooperate with the engineers, I often read very carefully all detailed design to understand technical content. By this way, I improved my knowledge and got more experience. I have just started learning Linux, thanks to the help of enthusiastic engineers, I learned a lot of things.
  • People thinks SQA is a relatively independent job, but it also needs to cooperate a lot with the engineers a lot, doesn't it ?
    Over the product quality testing, our objective is providing the best products and services, therefore sometimes we give improving suggestion to Product Owner. In Septeni Technology, not only engineers, but also anyone may submit comments to get better services. Our comments are heard in a positive way. The company is also a place to encourage the challenge, now I'm studying and try to apply Selenium to automation test.
  • How do you want to develope your carrier path in the future ?
    I want to become a Manager. With this objective, I try to improve technical knowlege and management and comunication skills. In my opinion, the most important thing in SQA is always learning. You shouldn't wait for others to teach you. Rather, you should be active in researching, and you will become more mature. Our company has many people like that. If you are interested, join us.

BrSENguyen Thu Hang

Prior to joining Septeni, I have had several years of experience in software development. I was in charge of many different positions; during the first few years, I participated in all phases of the project to understand the whole development process, and then took the role of a bridge system engineer (Bridge SE) since 2010.
  • Can you introduce yourself and your work ?

    This job is a bridge connecting Vietnam and Japan. I receive requests from the Japanese company, analyze them, and clarify the purpose of the requests, I send them to the Vietnam development team. My responsibility is to make the development team understand exactly what customers want, helping the comunication between the two parties quickly and efficiently, offering solutions to the project's problems to obtain the desired results.

    The Bridge engineer job is not only the work of a translator. This job also requires more skills than that, such as negotiating, analysis - assessment, problem-solving, and project management. In addition, to succeed, the Bridge engineer must have an understanding of the cultures and how do they work in both of countries.

    In 2014, with the desire to improve my knowledge and challenge myself, I decided to look for opportunities in a new environment. And Septeni was my choice! The first time I entered Septeni office, I had really been impressed by the office design and creative working environment. Septeni gave me a breath of fresh air with many challenges and the young and very intelligent co-workers.

  • Can you share the difficulties and challenges in your work as well as the secret of success ?

    My first project in Septeni was Pyxis. This is an operational tool to support advertising on Facebook. Even though I had many years working as a bridge engineer, Pyxis really was a big challenge for me at that time. In a short time, I had to understand the new concept about advertising and the products that we were developing. Moreover, I was faced with a completely differenent development process. More difficuties came in because our product requirements and design had to be changed to match the frequent changes of Facebook. Not only that, the product was always improved to suit the purpose of the Septeni Group.

    I always tell myself that "no success is easy". So I try to learn, to change my way of thinking and acting to gradually figure out a more reasonable way. In my opinion, an individual can not make a success of the whole project, teamwork is the key to success. So my wish is to build the development teams to enable all members to easily comunicate and express their views and to promote their abilities. Without criticizing or blame, we often focus on finding the cause of problems and solutions for them. So that people feel comfortable to raise issues that necessary to improve, contribute ideas together to build more optimal products. And the result is our project (Pyxis for Smartnews) was recently voted as the best project of the year.

  • How do you feel about the Septeni environment ?

    Septeni has a relatively open environment, all personal opinions are considered and put into practice with the motto "continuous improvement". I really loved Septeni from the simple things such as the head of the company has always tried to bring to us a clean environment, handy dining room, involved in team building activities, staying late to teach Japanese to the staff etc... These things make us feel closer and want to devote to Septeni more.

    In addition, in Septeni, I found many co-workers, friends who I can share everything about the job as well as the life. So that I really have a fun day every working day.

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