Software development

We mainly develop software systems for Septeni Group.

At Septeni Technology, we are in charge of the development and operating process of ad networks (advertisement on Facebook and result evaluation), as well as developing other software systems for Septeni Group members.

Upon the beginning of a new service, we start from discussing with the individual in charge of the service or project. Next, requirements and design will be agreed on, which is then followed by testing and releasing in Vietnam.

However, we do not stop at merely developing the product. After releasing, excellent after services are offered including maintenance, enhancing, and refactoring.


PYXIS With this Facebook Ad optimizing system, we are providing clients with reports and analysis regarding the effectiveness of advertising campaigns being run. What is more, engines are optimized based on the assessment of effectiveness in order to offer clients a significantly enhanced effectiveness in their advertisements.

Engine optimization feature of advertising campaigns:
1) Implementing advertising campaign
2) Assessing effectiveness
3) Continuously assessing automatically, renewing effective advertisements, and stopping advertisements with low effiency to achieve clients' objectives


In everything we do, we take pride in making the most demanding clients satisfied. The way we achieve that is by creating products with beautiful design, simple-to-use functions and user-friendliness. This system will help our clients create and manage articles for introducing their new products and advertisement purpose.

Game service

We provide native and cross-platform solutions for creating mobile applications of various categories such as apps and games for iOS and Android. In fact, we have developed a wide variety of applications for our partners that reached up to millions of downloads. And with our rich experience in game development, we have taken some of them to the top of the Japanese iOS/Android store ranking.

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